About Leon

A background to the Gym Buddiez and how it came about. I have been a gym goer for about 15 years. It was introduced through physiotherapy. However, as a child I loved the teenage mutant ninja turtles and then got obsessed with W.W.F wrestling, in the nineties. All the characters are muscly and macho, I think this has had an effect on the way that I view some body image.


Many professionals such as doctors and physiotherapists advise me to use fitness as a way to keep mobile but I do it mostly for vanity reasons like many other people do. I have had some fantastic personal trainers, however over time I have adapted many exercises to suit myself. When I became a teenager I developed self-dislocating shoulders and a loose hip joint, but it didn’t stop me getting the gym bug.


 I was introduced to wrist weights by a physiotherapist which opened my eyes and made me realise that I could lift weights like my Dad and any other person. At aged 16 I went to a boarding college where there was a multi-gym. In this multi-gym there were a few exercise machines for the arms, the chest and thighs. This is where I got the gym bug.

The Gym Buddiez YouTube channel consists of a series of videos that demonstrates different workout techniques. The exercises are adapted by myself in the hope that other people with disabilities, and other people are able join in. I devise the exercises myself, write the commentary, I film the videos with my personal assistants in my garage and then I edit the videos on my laptop.


I do not claim to be an expert in exercise and fitness, my background is in advertising and marketing. I just enjoy working out and hope to demonstrate that exercise is achievable even if it has to be adapted through the series of videos on my YouTube channel.


My hopes are that the gym buddies videos inspire people not only to workout, but to try to achieve all sorts of things in their lives because exercise breeds confidence. 

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